Wildfire in Kittitas Causing Level 3 Evacuations and I-90 Closed

Wildfire in Kittitas Causing Level 3 Evacuations and I-90 Closed

A huge wildfire has occurred at the south side of I-90 and it forces to close both directions of this route.

Because the Interstate 90 highway isn’t safe till now.

According to the source,s the fire of this huge fire started around 11 PM, Monday. Well, this caused evacuations Level 3 to around people. It means that surrounding people are in a hazardous situation. So, more than 120 people left their place immediately.

The Kittitas Country’s offices stated that Red Cross is opening a shelter for people who have left their place. The shelter is located at George.

Who currently camping in the specific park told to stay at their position. And also said that Huntzinger Road is not out of danger.

Fire has established on the south side of I-90 and has made it to Huntzinger Rd. A Level 3 evacuation advisory is in…

Posted by Kittitas County Sheriff on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

However, the firefighter is there and fighting with the exaggerated wind and gust with around 53 mph speed.

The bad thing is that the fire is still spreading more than 1,000 acres area.

However, this incident makes a big impact on the nearby traffic. On 7:45 AM the I-90 gets closed from both direction. Along with that, the junction of SR-26 from east side gets blocked.

Also, officials still haven’t said anything about making the road free.

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