Typhoon Jongdari Hits Japan as Huge Landfall is Expected in Tokai Region

Typhoon Jongdari Hits Japan as Huge Landfall is Expected in Tokai Region

Japan is facing a heavy typhoon Jongdari witch hits japan western area and several regions are divested by flood and over rainfall. The typhoon starts getting on to Japan on Saturday 28 July. With its excessive rainfall, it’s will create landfall in the Tokai region of Japan.

Typhoon Jongdari will take up to 110 kilometers/hours is in the forecast. According to Japan Meteorological Agency, the landfill is to be expected in tonight or tomorrow morning.

Because of the Typhoon Jongdari, Japan is already facing high waves all over the Shimoda coastline. Along with that, Jongdari is also causing heavy rainfall and gusting winds.

All of those hazardous trigger officials to evacuate people from those specific areas as they have a high risk.

Earlier this month heavy rainfall and floods make 220 people died in Japan. Now, the massive typhoon Jongdari is expected to make landslides, heavy wind, and rainfall.

Officials Sayings

Minako Sakurai, the head of Japan’s head of the Meteorological Agency, said to evacuate the danger area as quick as possible. He also claims that it would be more dangers to go for shelter in the dark night of storm and heavy rainfall.

He also requests people to follow their instruction and stay safe always.

“We want people especially in the downpour-hit regions to pay close attention to evacuation advisories,” said Minako Sakurai.

Not only this massive typhoon will make a land disaster, it will also causing several domestic flights to be canceled.

Another official said, “We are paying special attention to the areas where restoration of river banks is underway as it would be the first heavy rain since the disaster”.

The evacuation officials are always waking so no people get trapped in any landslide during the typhoon Jongdari.

Jongdari is moving towards north-west side of Japan with 45 kilometers/hours speed.

Officials also warn people about high wave during the storm as it would take up to 180km/h gust wind.

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, typhoon Jongdari will cause 400 mm rainfall in Tokai region. And it will create life taking landslides all around the area. Officials are calling evacuations before the typhoon.

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