The Shark that was Stolen has been Returned Safely to San Antonio Aquarium

The Shark that was Stolen has been Returned Safely to San Antonio Aquarium

Recently a group of three people has stolen a small shark from San Antonio Aquarium and tried to smuggle in this weekend. But finally, the local police succeed to turn the stolen shark back to the aquarium.

According to aquarium’s general manager Jenny Spellman, “the shark is alive and well and on its way back to the aquarium!”

When they returned the shark, it was in good condition. And the next step will be to help the shark accumulate back to the water of the Aquarium.

“We are happy to get the shark back home,” said on Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio.

On Saturday a 911 emergency call has come to Joseph Salvaggio. Initially, he wasn’t believing that someone really stole the baby shark from the San Antonio Aquarium. After a while, the caller has convinced them about the event.

Salvaggio said, “they finally convinced me that it was true somebody had walked in and stole a shark out of an aquarium”.

Jamie Shank from San Antonio Aquarium thought that the shark won’t be able to survive again.

But eventually, the baby shark stays alive throughout this danger period. On the Jamie Shank said “She’s a little fighter”, “She’s a little survivor.”

The Truck that was used to steal the shark

The Security camera shows that thieves were roaming around Aquarium hallway. After sneaking the baby shark they strolled the shark and get away with a red truck card.

Security officials used the license plate of the car to locate suspects.

And they found the shark in their home. However, the shark was quite comfortable there, because the thieves have experience of working with animals.

According to Salvaggio, “Luckily the thief was someone who knew what he was doing,”

The thieves of sharks will surely get a big amount of fine and other punishments also. They will get charged around $750 and $2,000.

On Facebook, one man posted a pic of that shark and trying to sell them at $3,000.

The baby shark was a horn shark which can be found in West Coast from California to the Gulf of California. They eat mollusks, worms, and other sea creatures.

Everyone got shocked when they hear, someone stole the baby shark. Spellman said, “I couldn’t believe that somebody would do something like that.”

The workers of aquarium noticed something isn’t going right. He immediately informs the management.

But after a long operation, police have successfully catch suspects and returned back the baby shark to the San Antonio Aquarium.

The San Antonio Aquarium has stated, “We value the lives of all of our animals and take pride in the care that we are able to give them as well as the education that we are able to give to the general public about these treasured species.”

They said those are treasured species, and we should always stay awake to protect them.

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