Teen Choice Awards 2018 is Knocking on the Door with tons of Celebrity Nominated  

Teen Choice Awards 2018 is Knocking on the Door with tons of Celebrity Nominated  

Teen Choice Awards 2018 will go on air at 12 August with fan-voted celebrity. All of the nominated celebrities will get the award by the real vote of their fans. On this Year’s Teen Choice Awards there more than 150 celebrities are nominated.

Voting lines are still open for your vote.

The Teen Choice Awards is a unique award show where they prioritize teen’s choice. Obviously, who is trending over time, catch the teens craze. Here anyone can vote who is above 13 in age.

Generally, this famous award show give their awards in music, movie, TV and also internet category! In Teen Choice Awards 2018 there will be some new category to vote for.


Fans can vote for their favorite nominee via Facebook and Twitter.

In Twitter, just Tweet #category + @nominee or nominee full name. The Twitter username or nominee full name must be accurate. For more, you can check their twitter account or visit the Teen Choice Awards website.

You can also vote on the TeenChoice.com website.

Keep in mind that, no one outside from the USA can vote for the Teen Chaise Award 2018. If you are in Portico, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands you can also join the voting.

Every voter can vote for their favorite celebrity 10 times through their Facebook or Twitter account. Also, you have to make sure that your Twitter account is not private. If so, the authority will not count your vote.

Generally, the voting time didn’t last for a long time. So, you should vote for your favorite artist as quickly as possible.


You will see the full Teen Choice Awards 2018 on Fox on August 12. The prestigious award show will begin at 8 PM.

As a host, you will see Nick Cannon, who is famous for “America’s Got Talent”. He isn’t alone hosting the award show. Guess what, famous YouTube personality Lele Pons will be also there to give him company.


According to Entertainment Tonight, most of the nominations are comes from Avengers: Infinity War. Along with that, there is “Black Panther”, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

From all of the nominees, Cardi B is the favorite as she stands in more than six musical categories.

The time is going on, start voting for your favorite nominee and give them Teen Choice Awards 2018.


Well, people are hyped about this award. Because nobody knows who will get this. The voting line is open and votes are counting. Teen Choice Awards 2018 would be the show with all trending celebrity. Most of them are trending and that’s why they are nominated.

Let’s see who will get the top vote and come up with the award.

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