Starbucks will Ban Plastic Strows Globally by 2020

Starbucks will Ban Plastic Strows Globally by 2020

The biggest coffee making franchise is planning to totally terminate the plastic straw from all Starbucks location located all over the world. Currently, Starbucks is operating their branches on more than 28,000 locations. Its first time that a global franchise is taking a big step towards to safe environment.

As plastic straws make up to 4 percent of plastic waste, stop using those will surely reduce the regeneration of the plastic waste.

Earlier, at Seattle(hometown of Starbucks), the plastic straw gets completely banned. The decision doesn’t get so long to influence it’s local Starbucks bounce. Soon after that, Monday, Starbucks has stated that they will completely stop using plastic straws to all their branches scattering in all countries.

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson has said that “For our partners and customers, this is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways”.

According to USA Today, Starbucks will also join with other company like Alaska Airlines, food and hotel chain giants like Bon App├ętit Management to stop using plastic straws.

However, the biggest rival of Starbucks, Macdonald also stated that they are trying to use alternative to plastic straws.

To the solution of plastic straws, Starbucks has started using strawless lids. It lets people drive several beverages without a straw! Yes, it’s amazing.

The straw less lid will start using at USA and Canada branches from this month. Especially the Starbucks Setaalle and Vancouver branch will start this tradition.

It will also get used globally late of this year as we can see the rollout of several regions of the European branches of Starbucks.

What when if anyone cant drink without a straw or ask for a straw? For this Starbucks will offerer straw or other alternatives.

This move is for saving the environment and reduce plastic waste. The move is surely motivated by the plastic straw ban in Seatle because Starbucks headquarters is located there.

However, Along with Seatle other states are also following this rule. Also, many famous public figures are also encouraging the movement to not use plastic straws.

“Starbucks taught the world how to drink coffee and I firmly believe that Starbucks can teach the world how to make the environment its ultimate business partner,” said Adrian Grenier.

Earlier, Starbucks also opened a petition to stop using plastic straws. Surprisingly this position has 147,728 supporters!

According to Starbucks American use, more than 500 million plastic straws in every single day!
Also, they said there will be more plastic than fishes in 2050. As a result, Starbucks is totally banning plastic strows completely by 2020

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