Social Giant Twitter has Launched Their Twitter Lite App in 45+ Counters

Social Giant Twitter has Launched Their Twitter Lite App in 45+ Counters

After two months of ground testing, Twitter has launched their first Twitter Lite App. Initially, the app is available to around 45 and more countries. As other Lite apps, this one will offer less data consumption, small size along with regular features.

The new Twitter Lite app is added to the big Google Play Store on this Friday. Now it is available to download the app from those selected countries.

For the first time, they have selected only some specific countries from all over the world.

Don’t’ worry, they will also launch Twitter Lite to other countries soon.

The Twitter Lite app is small in size and has unique features. Just as this app will offer you Night mode, push notification and others.

It has also designed to save your data. As we can see most of the mobile users have limited data, Twitter Lite would be quite useful.

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Also, the Twitter Lite will load much faster on the 2G or 3G network. Although it will use less data but will work quickly.

With 3MB size, it looks very lite in terms of the real version of the Twitter.

Twitter Lite App for Android

To save your data, you can manually turn off the picture and video loading. It will let you control your data usage over the Twitter.

Twitter Lite will also give you the opportunity to control auto-downloading.

However, the Twitter Lite app was previously available to many countries. Just like Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and others as well.

At first, the app was tested on the initial web app plot of Twitter. Later they roll out into the Google Play store hitting more than 45 countries all around the web.

According to Twitter’s blog post, “There are several barriers to using Twitter, including slow mobile networks, expensive data plans, or lack of space on mobile devices”.

After Facebook, Messenger, and Skype it was Twitter’s move to keep up the Lite trend! What do you think about it?

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