PlayStation 4 Servers are Down Not Working All over the World

PlayStation 4 Servers are Down Not Working All over the World

All of PlayStation Network(PSN) users are facing huge trouble to connected properly. The problem is going for several hours on all parts of the globe. According to the Sony’s official outage map, it shows a big amount of location.

Players from all over the globe are facing the problem to connect with PSN servers. As a case, they are facing a strange error message on the screen.

Along with overall location, PlayStation Network is also down at the United States.

The problem occurs from Saturday night and still, PSN servers are drowned in darkness. So, whatever your plan was, it has gone to vain because of the server problem of PlayStation 4.

It means that you are not able to connect with the PlayStation Network and continue your gaming. While offline game must run properly which not required any PSN sever.

Sony’s most of the servers are showing red sign continuously. The red colors spread across all country. Fortunately, the PlayStation VAU is still working during all those server messes. Good news for PlayStation VUE.

However, most of the PlayStation servers are showing the unknown code of error and engineers are still trying to fix it up.

Where in the main time, social media get flooded with the complaint about Sony’s server mess.

Sony’s Sayings

Sony has directly indicated that “You may have some difficulty launching games, applications, or online features” due to PlayStation Server failure.

They also added, “Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience.”

Oh, that’s not expected to game lover who is eagerly waiting to start gaming on PlayStation 4.

The officials of PlayStation have not provided any information on the news. We don’t have the exact time when all PSN servers will be open and active.

As PlayStation has lots of products, all of which managed by PSN servers. From PlayStation console to PlayStation Music all runs under PSN server. Due to this server problem, all of the PlayStation products is inactive right now.


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