New Mayonnaise Ice-cream is Here, Let’s See What is it and What People Have to Say on It

New Mayonnaise Ice-cream is Here, Let’s See What is it and What People Have to Say on It

There is always a new ice cream flavor here and there. But, this time we have got a mayonnaise flavored ice cream that looks like mayonnaise and tastes like ice-cream. A sottish ice-cream store gets a viral overnight for creating a mayonnaise flavored ice-cream.

Mayonnaise favored ice cream creator Ice Artisan Ice Cream store is located at Falkirk in Scotland.

After asking what triggered to create this type of ice-cream favor, the answer was the love for Mayo.

However, the Mayonnaise is not used to be an ice crème material for a long time. It’s like an eggy creamy mixture that works great with your burger and other spicy things. Sometimes you can also use it on your cake.

Kyle Gentleman, the creator of Mayonnaise flavored ice-cream said, tried to think of another idea but one that is polar opposite from cider – mayo does just that!”. And it’s exactly right.

As making the process of this Mayonnaise ice-cream, he just mixed the popular Hellman’s mayonnaise with his homemade dry ice-cream mix. Witch blends perfectly and makes an awesome ice cream that is Mayonnaise ice-cream.

A big craze has been recorded in the social media after hearing about the new type of ice-cream.

Although most of the people get wired by hearing the name of the ice-cream, but some people are eager to give a try and get the taste.

However, according to the creator of this amazing Mayonnaise ice-cream creator, the reaction of the people is “overwhelming”.

“People actually enjoy it once they try it,” Kyle Gentleman said. He also said that the Mayonnaise Ice-cream works great as tasty ice-cream.

On the social media, people are divided, one is willing to try it and the other is not. That’s the real-time there.

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