Monster Hunter: World has Banned on China Just After the Launch

Monster Hunter: World has Banned on China Just After the Launch

The amazing role-playing game Monster Hunter: World has been banned in China. It’s can’t pass the first week after it’s official release on WeGame. The Steam-like platform Tencent’s WeGame has said that it’s been removed and now not available for purchasing.

As a strong reason, they got so many reports claiming that the Monster Hunter: World does not fulfill regulatory requirements. China hits again!

Just after the official release, Monster Hunter: World has become one of the best-selling game on WeGame. The game got 91 percent of new player rating. And it’s a disappointing day for gamers in China and game industry also.

The people are expressing their disappointment with the Twitter-like platform Weibo.

Authority has published a notice saying that they will give refund who have purchased the game. Also, they will and a 30-yuan coupon on their WeGame account.

Who has the copy of Monster Hunter: World can continue their playing. Although the authority won’t sure how long their service will work for this game.

It’s not the first time China is restricting the gaming industry. Recently, Tencent’s had to restrict the total playtime of popular title Honour of Kings. Moreover, they come up with a digital contract for children which will determine the total playtime. The main reason for this action was that prates and teachers were worried about the children would get addicted to the game.

But the Monster Hunter: World got another reason for the punishment. The main reason for the ban is “bureaucratic infighting” with China’s new media regulator. This institution controls the gaming approvals. This news has come from the Financial Times.

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