Missing Rafting Groups Have Found Safe Who Were Lost on a Heavy Flood at Lehigh River

Missing Rafting Groups Have Found Safe Who Were Lost on a Heavy Flood at Lehigh River

On Monday evening, more than 200 rafters have lost during the heavy flood of Lehigh River. The rescue team immediately started their operation to get them back safely. After lots of operation, officials have conferment that, after groups are in safe condition.

The main cause of this accident is the sudden flood of Pennsylvania. The heavy amount of rain makes the Lehigh river very dangerous with strong wavers.

According to the water rescue team, around 150 rafters are found safe at the 70 miles north of Philadelphia.

More than 30 young girls were also pulled off from the river of Lehigh. They all came from New York church camp for whitewater rafting.

The heavy rain also caused several highways to be closed. As so many roads in Williamsport to the Philadelphia suburbs are restricted. Also, So many bikers also fall into trouble. Officials have to rescue those bikers from there.

Not only those roads are damaged here. So many residents had to also evacuate from their home. According to a local resident, all of a sudden the water rose up to 3 feet in front of their home. Many people had to escape from this hazardous situation from the boat.

However, once the rafting company confirms that there is no one is at risk, officials cancel the rescue.

As Times-News report, the local police has found an empty raft in Bowmanstown.

The rafting company stated that all of the rafting members are heading back to their home on the bus.

Latest downpours are hitting some community repeatedly because of the strange weather pattern. It just caches the moisture from the Atlantic Ocean and creates this type of disaster. It was according to National Weather Service meteorologist Aaron Tyburski.

He also added that “It’s been quite a rough go for them over the past three weeks,”.

So, we hope that everything will be fine as before in Pennsylvania.

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