KCON 2018 LA Has Announced Their Event Details and Lineups

KCON 2018 LA Has Announced Their Event Details and Lineups

After buzzing event at New York, KCON 2018 is set to fire up America once again. This time KCON will be arranged at the Los Angeles Convention Center. They have announced the latest lineup and dates for the upcoming K-pop event. It will all set for August 10-12 to bright up the stage with K-pop artist.

The KCON is considered as the biggest event of K-pop music festival. Last year in KCON 2017, more than 128,000 people have gathered to enjoy the performance. Which is the highest attendance ever recorded? Similarly, it’s expected that lots of K-pop music fan will join this year’s event in LA.

Along with the Los Angeles Convention Center, KCON will also arrange shows at STAPLES Center simultaneously.

However, KCON 2018 has already set their craze to the east coast with KCON New York this July 23-24. Now they are all set to celebrate the Korean music culture on Lost Anglos.

After its first event in 2012, KCON is continually spreading the craze of K-pop culture all around America.

With this year’s event, they are spreading the “Korean Wave” for around seven years.

Special Events

In KCON 2018 LA they will also offer K-beauty products, E-gaming along with living performance. There is also a free concert witch don’t have any fee.


Generally, if you want to access into KCON 2018 LA you have to register. You can register here and start enjoying the amazing event.

However, there is no ticket for the single day. You have to purchase tickets for 3 days of KCON LA. Hope it would be worth to cost.

Also, you may have to buy an additional wristband to access at KCON LA. Although the wristbands are available on the spot to purchase, it’s better to buy it online.


The LA Convention Center is very large to explore. Every hour there is a new event happening. In this big area, you might get trouble to find the KCON 2018 place. That’s why you can rely on the map that is provided by KCON 2018 LA.


This year’s KCON 2018 LA has some amazing lineup with amazing K-pop artist and bands. The total event is divided into two days. Every day you will get a different lineup with different artists.

However, they also have surprise artist appearance. You never know which artist pops up during the event.

Here are the two days lineup of KCON 2018 LA:


Needless to say, it would be a spectacular event of K-pop music and dance performance. And there’ also so much to discover. KCOM 2018 LA would be a must-join event for all K-pop lovers.

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