Japan Facing a Huge Heat Wave As the Temperature Hit 41C And Above

Japan Facing a Huge Heat Wave As the Temperature Hit 41C And Above

By the month of June, Japan usually gets a decent temperature rise. But, in this year’s June, the temperature rises a lot. That’s why it’s been most hot moth for Japan as the heat wave is continuing to rise.

With this extensive heat person in Japan are really feeling stressed. The highest record of 41C temperature has been recorded at the location around Tokyo.

The heatwave still on high in the city of Tokyo. The 41C temperature is the 12 degrees higher the average temperature(Japan Meteorological Agency).

Along with that Japan is the host of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The government of Japan has stated that majoring the hit and dealing with it will be the most crucial part for them.

They also told all of the fans and athletes to say informed about the high temperature. Also, officials are working hard to deal with the excessive heat.

To prevent overheating, they will change the road pavement to emit less heat. There will be also mists over places that spray water sparkles. Another step is that they will plant more tall trees beside the road.

However, local Japanese authorities are claiming that temperature will be still the same during the Olympics. So, those steps would surely help the fans and the athletes.

Due to high temperatures, people will mostly suffer heat illness. Even few people are died because of this record-breaking heat. And the heat still continues.

So, authorities said people to drink more water, avoid the sun to say safe.

According to a report of AccuWeather, more than 10,000 people have been hospitalized and under treatment.

The heatwave around the Japan and South Korea

Most of the places don’t expect to get heavy heat but it actually suffered a high amount of temperature.

For that reason, those area’s don’t have that much air conditioner so people can get relief from the heat. Also, they were unconscious about the heat is making them dehydration and they should drink water often.

However, Japanese people also don’t like Air Conditioning so much. They probably saw it as bad for the environment and health also.

But in this summer, they are tent to stay Air Conditioning on whole day.

This year’s June also has been 5th hottest June on record. As a result, other countries of Asia also been suffering heat waves.

So, it’s clear that, heading outside in summer, not the wiser decision. As people in Japan are really concerned about their family’s health and make sure that they are in good condition.

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