International Left-Handers Day: Left-Handed Peoples Are Special Gift from God

International Left-Handers Day: Left-Handed Peoples Are Special Gift from God

Today is International left-handers day which is being celebrated since 1976. Although left-handed are rare but there almost 10 or 13 percent of people are left-handed. We have also seen left-handed people are often referred to as a genius. Because most of the left-handed people are famous in their sector.

However, the original founder of this amazing day is Dean R. Campbell. Who wants to establish the awareness of the difference of left-handed people as most of the people are right-handed.

The left comes from the world English word lyft. The lyft word means idle, or weak and sometimes useless also.

It’s really tough to live in a world where things are specially made for right-handed people. Some right-handed people will face problems on playing guitar, swinging taps and also tying shoelaces.

But, left-handed people are special. We have seen lots of left-handed people were success full at their work. We can name so many great people who were famous and people have loved them.

Left-handed people were always associated with titled and intelligent. And they ARE!

Scientifically, left-handed people are mathematically more functioning, unlike right-handed people.

The most involved right brain hemisphere makes them special. Cause this section related to login and creativity of a person.

According to medical science, they can frequently use both sides of their brain. So, they can process information and logical problems so quickly.

As expandable we can name famous left-handers like Aristotle, Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bill Gates, Barak Obama.

We have also got Marie Curie, who is novel price winner female scientist. Although there are fewer females who are a scientist, this left-hand marks a great achievement as a female.

Also, Lionel Messi is left-handed and he is known as a master of football.

So, what are you thinking now about left-handed people? There’s more to discover.

According to IFL Science research, who ran a mathematical test among 2300 students, the left-handed students gave the highest performance on the test. Also, they were out-performed the right-handed people.

“left-handers outperformed the rest of the sample when the tasks involved difficult problem-solving, such as associating mathematical functions to a given set of data” the research results have said.

This pattern of results was particularly clear in male adolescents. In contrast, when the task was not so demanding, such as when doing simple arithmetic, there was no difference between left and right-handers. We also discovered that extreme right-handers – individuals who said they prefer to use their right hand for all items on the handedness test – under-performed in all the experiments compared to moderate right-handers and left-handers”.

However, left-handed people have lots of interesting and amazing facts built-in! So, next time you see a left-handed people keep those on the mind. They are a great gift from God.

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