Huge Wild Fire is Still Burning in California and Killed up to 6 People

Huge Wild Fire is Still Burning in California and Killed up to 6 People

The burning wildfire is still on his way to destroy all over California as it still causing problems. Erratic winds and dry condition also helped the fire to get bigger. Around 1000 people are forced to leave their home and 6 people are dying because of this wildfire.

Authorities are really worried that, the fire would become stronger as high wind in the forecast.

The death count has gone up to 6 with grandchildren and grandfather lost their life in Shasta County in northern California.

A spokesman of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said “Right now, it’s going everywhere. We still have a lot of open lines”.

Officials are saying that the weather would be more dangers as the wildfire goes on.

However, two firefighters are also lost their lives on this wildfire during Thursday session.

The fire has gone up to 48,000 acres burning everything on its way. It gets doubled in its size in a small amount of time and destroyed more than 500 valuable structures.

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A mountain town called Keswick, where around 450 were lived is now a burning death place. Everything in it has to destroy with the wildfire that is still spreading across the California region.


The California Department of forestry and fire protection Chief Ken Pimlott has said that “seeing fire whirls – literally what can be described as a tornado”.

Seeing that divested situation, US president Donald Trump has accepted federal and medical aid for those affected counties.

“We’re feeling a lot more optimistic today as we are starting to gain some ground, rather than being on the defensive mode on this fire all the time,” said Bret Gouvea who is deputy chief of Cal Fire department.

Officials are trying hard to handle this situation and let the blazing wildfire to pass completely before people go back to their home.

Around 12,000 and more firefighter is fighting with this burning fire that taking more land by the time.

Several roads have closed and electric power cut occurs in several regions of California.

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