Facebook Shares Jump off and Slowdown of Revenue is In the Forecast

Facebook Shares Jump off and Slowdown of Revenue is In the Forecast

Facebook, the social media client has faced a great drop in revenue and growth in the recent time. Earlier Facebook has fallen into data leak controversy and fake news problem. And now they are facing a great jump off in their global share.

They have posted their earnings for the second quarter of the year this Wednesday. The share has fallen down by 20% in the trading.

However, after a specific time around $123 billion market value has decreased for Facebook.

According to Facebook, they have posted $13.23 billion as revenue. But market experts were expecting more higher.

They are also slightly short on projected users. The current daily users of Facebook has reached 1.47 billion but according to projection, it should be 1.49 billion.

On the other side, European daily Facebook users are in 279 million in total. But, the projected users are 279.4 million.

So, Facebook has fallen short in users on diffract regions.

Also, they are fell short of app users. The app users are around 2.5 billion. The previously projected users are more than that.

Although the growth rate has increased by 11% year by year. The mail player to increase growth was high country like Indonesia, India, and Philippines. But, still, it fell short in projected growth.

The European users are also decreasing. According to report the European daily users also decreased from 282 million. Which is way bad for Facebook.

On the opposite side, Facebook daily user rate stays quite flat as Facebook falls into data leak and privacy controversy according to Cambridge Analytical.

They have also fake news problem which is causing a huge problem for Facebook.

In spite of that, Facebook has some good news here. The per-user average revenue got a rise in the regional section. It gets reached $23.59 to $25.91 in the first quarter of the year.

While the Facebook boost works great and it got used in targeting regional people, The Facebook Ad revenue fall short in projection.  It’s $13.04 billion when the projected score was $13.06! Oh, it’s a little bit short.

In the projection of Wall Street reports, Facebook has said that it was kinda expected. According to them, the revenue would fall to lower in comparison with the previous year.

As a reason, Facebook has shown us investment in Facebook in Stories. And another cause is the updated privacy policy.

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