Facebook and Twitter Passing Their Worst Days Ever

Facebook and Twitter Passing Their Worst Days Ever

It’s like a bad time for tow massive social media gained. After attracting almost half of the world population, Facebook and Twitter are facing bad days. They both are getting user decrease and low stock price, which is a really bad sign for them.

All those begin with the Facebook’s report on decreasing Revenue and Total user. Along with that, Facebook also receives a huge jump off on their stock market.

According to Facebook’s data, the users are getting low in Europe. The user has fallen to 279 million which was 282 million at the starting of the year.

Recently Facebook falls into data leak and privacy controversy. Which led them into the spotlight and made suspicious. Although they have changed their privacy policy, still, the user is falling in the US and Canada.

After all of them, there is another bad news. The Facebook Ad is also performing like below average than before. It has got a low growth rate then what analysts expected.

So, the road to get easy success on the social media platform is really getting hard for Facebook. But Twitter is not in the Different road, they also facing obstacle like Facebook.

With New York Time’s top reporter boycott Twitter for getting abuse, Twitter is also on the spotlight. Although Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologize for this incident it didn’t solve the entire problem.

They also get a significant drop in their total user. Within three month Twitter user drops to 335 million wichs was 336 million earlier.

However, there would be so much reason for bad days of the social media giant, but it should get fixed. Or they will get also a bad day further.

It was to short time but really bad statistics both for Facebook and Twitter. Fixing things should be the main task to get back to the track.

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