Elon Musk’s Upcoming Tesla Pickup truck will have AWD with ‘Crazy Torque’

Elon Musk’s Upcoming Tesla Pickup truck will have AWD with ‘Crazy Torque’

With successes of Tesla’s several electric cars model, Elon Musk is jumping towards something new. After launching the electric trailer Tesla Semi, now it’s time to make an electric pickup truck! He also stated that the Tesla Pickup truck will have lots of advantages as he still asking for suggestions.

Elon Musk stated that Tesla Pickup truck will be a smaller version of Tesla Semi(trailer truck). According to him, it’s “a pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck”.

Elon Musk is presenting his new Tesla Pickup truck


Sounds interesting? Well, Elon Musk did so many revolutions in the automobile industry with Tesla.

After consecutive success with Tesla’s Model S, Model X, and Model 3, the upcoming products are really promising as electric pickup trick!

The Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, “The Tesla Truck will have dual motor all-wheel drive w crazy torque & a suspension that dynamically adjusts for the load.”

He also added that it will be standard like other Tesla models.

Well, the genius has so many ideas hanging around in his head. Still, Elon seeks for our suggestion to make Tesla pickup truck more advanced.

He twitted that “I have a few things in mind, but what do you think are small, but important nuances & what would be seriously next level”.

The generic pickup trucks aren’t that comfortable and smooth during the work. It provides different experience during on-load and off-loads. “One of the things that I think should be present in trucks is something like an air suspension that dynamically adjusts the load and sorta keeps the angle of the truck correct and the ride height even and adjust the dampening in real-time.” -Elon Sayed in 2013.

That’s why Elon Musk is heavily focused on using automatic suspension on pickup trucks. Witch will balance the suspension according to the load.

Also, he is taking the suggestion and interacting with people who follow him. As like he explains that it will have more space range than Model S.

There are some people who are actually giving valuable suggestion to Elon. He is taking it free hands.

However, there will be so many new things on Tesla’s electronic pick trucks. Tesla hasn’t announced anything about the upcoming pickup trucks. Probably they will launch it very soon in several years. Who knows Elon Musk!

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