Dustin Poirier the Marshal Artist Complete Revenge with Knock-Out Win Over Eddie Alvarez

Dustin Poirier the Marshal Artist Complete Revenge with Knock-Out Win Over Eddie Alvarez

After one year of their trivial duel match that was disrupted by illegal Knees of Eddie Alvarez’s, Dustin Poirier has completed the relevance with violent finishing on this Saturday night.

The marshal artist Dustin Poirier currently one of the famous player on UFC. However, Poirer has survived the Alver’s no-die attitude and illegal 12-to-6 elbow violence that caused to stop their duels match.

It was just before the Poirier scores second-round technical knock-out at the event of UFC.

With this, Dustin Poirier might secure the future title on 155 pounds.

After the bout, painful times Poirier said that “I told you so”.

Therefore Poirier finally confirmed for Alvarez, just after the UFC 211 of May 2017. The process of their rematch was filled with trash talks from both side, that Poirer was about to quite as Alvarez hits the illegal elbow and which ends the game.

Poirier said that “What really irked me this whole camp and after the fight is how I stood up for this man in Dallas, Texas, and then he comes back to say I quit,”.

On his passion towards the match, Poirier added “I’ll never quit, I’ll die in here. This is what I do, I live for this every day, all day. This is who I am, I’m a fighter at heart. I’ll never quit in here, that’s disgusting to hear”.

The first round was quite formal as Poirier landed the clear shots with proper technique.

Revenge of Poirier

The former UFC champion Alvarez was fighting very hard and also scored some early aggressive take-downs. He also put successful punches on Poirier and performed the neck crank.

But in the midway of the game, the position was overtaken by the revenge-taker Poirier.

When Poirier is sitting over the case, Alvarez tries to perform illegal 12-to-6 elbow from knees. But REfirey got latest and warn Alvarez strongly.

However, after the illegal movement, Poirer attack Alvarez properly. However Alvarez was countering the haymakers, Poirier stays up and attempts a series of punches on Alvarez.

After all those punches, forearms and kicks, Alvarez got collapsed on the ground at the end.

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