Denial Ricciardo had high hope on Hungarian GP but All Went Wrong for Him

Denial Ricciardo had high hope on Hungarian GP but All Went Wrong for Him

Before the Hungarian GP qualifying round, Denial Ricciardo had so much hope on their performance. But, it all gone to vain with their performance Saturday’s wet track. He claims that it was like driving on ice.

According to News AU, it was the worst qualifying session for the team. The favorite racer MAX Verstappen also finished in a seventh-place where Ricciardo get out of the Q2 qualifying round.

They were on high hope to give the best performance as they have one of the best tracks of the season. But it was a big surprise for everyone seeing them struggle on the track of Hungaroring.

“My car was just lacking a lot of grips. Especially on the extreme tires, we were really struggling” said MAX Verstappen.

He also said that, in the intermediate stage of the race, he was not comfortable with his gear.

According to his opinion, he’s just sliding growth the road in all race. “ Mid-corner I had no grip, no traction, like driving on ice.”

He said that his team should not just excuse for the dry or wet condition. It just didn’t work for them. But still, they have to give their full potential to win the leap.

Verstappen was angry that he is missing an opportune to challenge big opponents.

Usually, Verstappen performs impressively even it wet conditions but, he said: “If you don’t have the gear then what can you do?”.

On the other hand, Ricciardo completely missed the Q3 part after exiting the pits with intermediate tyers. Finally, he leaves the lap for Lance Stroll spin problem.

But it goes worse for Ricciardo in the next round. Because he had to go back to full wet tires and he ends the race in 12th and loses all hope to stay live in the competition.

The Australian racer stated that “Me going out of Q2 was obviously a big disappointment, but I don’t know if that was a bigger disappointment than Max being only P7 in Q3 in the wet,”.

He again claims that was something with tires. The car didn’t get enough grip over the road on the wet condition. “Our car is usually really strong in the wet. I imagine it’s something with tires.” Richard added later.

After all those things, Ricciardo is now very upset. So upset that he said, “I just want to roll up into a little ball and punch myself in the stomach”. In no time he wants to hide into software, to forget this bad experience.

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