Blood Moon 2018: The Longest Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in 21st Century

Blood Moon 2018: The Longest Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in 21st Century

The people of earth will see longest Blood Moon lunar eclipse of 21 century at next month July 27, 2018. It’s also said that we will not get as longest lunar eclipse like this in between 2100! So, you shouldn’t miss this amazing display if it visible in our sky.

At this event, our beloved moon will get into spooky reddish color. The color will become to be blood red. Blood moon can be seen from most of the places on earth. But some of the parts of the earth won’t see this longest ellipse.

The Blood moon lunar eclipse on 27 July will take around 1 hour and 43 minutes to complete.

What is Longest Blood Moon of 2018?

The blood moon appears when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth. When the moon gets towards the earth shadow it starts becoming red.

Most of the time red color appears because of indirect light of the sun. Earth can’t block the sunlight fully. The sunlight somehow passes through earth’s atmosphere and filter the light.

Because of the filtration of the sunlight, it eliminates other colors and applies reddish color to the moon.

However, in the longest Blood Moon of 2018, the moon will get hidden with the complete shadow of earth and it will take the larger time to complete it.

Where and When Can I See It?

The longest Blood moon lunar eclipse can be seen from Europe and Africa at the time of the evening. The middle east will observe the blood moon in mid-night hours. Lastly, Most of the Asian country and Australia will see it in it in last part of the night.

the information of total lunar on july 27, 2018


In North America, people won’t get to see the greatest lunar ellipse. Although, South America can see blood moon partially.

How Long Will It be Seen?

As a longest Blood moon lunar eclipse, it will take 1 hour 43 minutes to start to end. Oh! Quite long.

In Universal Time, the ellipse on 27 June will start at 7.30 pm UTC and end at 9.13 pm UTC.

How to Get a Decent Picture of Blood Moon?

You can watch the blood moon with an open eye, there’s no harm. But, if you want to frame it, you can use a generic phone camera.

The reddish moon on the dark sky

Just find a darker place to capture. Keep your flash turned off. Make sure to focus the blood moon. Use a camera app that has faster shooting time as the moon is moving always.

Mars is Coming Closer to Earth

In the next upcoming month July 27, during the Blood moon lunar eclipse the Mars will be the closure to earth since 2003. It’s sound strange that you might also see the mars planet along with the red moon. Everything seems scary!

Is It The End of The World?

No, it’s not. The earth will not get destroyed during a Blood moon. Everything will be fine, like before. So, make sure that you don’t leave your homework and assignments in between.

picture of earth from sky

Although some mythical theory indicates scary things. As in Book of Joel, it said: “The sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”. But those are not true surely.

Watch Blood Moon 2018 online Live

For some of the part of the earth, people may not get the Blood moon. So, they have to rely on online broadcasters. As you can easily watch blood moon live over the internet on

We will add more links when all are available.

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Next Lunar Eclipse

The tow lunar eclipse will be seen in the year 2019. The first lunar eclipse will get displayed on the sky at January 21, 2019. The next eclipse will be seen on July 16, same year.

Woo.. get ready for all the ellipse events! as we will also inform you about all of them.

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