Black Hat 2018 will be Held at Las Vegas Starting from 4 August

Black Hat 2018 will be Held at Las Vegas Starting from 4 August

Big cybersecurity event Black Hat USA 2018 will start from 4 August in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every year lots of security expert comes to Black Hat and share latest news and trends with attendees. With this year’s event, they will hit their 21 anniversary.

Black Hat 2018 will arrange four-day training sessions for attendees. Those trainings are taught by industry leading security experts.

They opened a wide range of opportunity for people to build up defensive and also offensive security skills.

As Black Hat is one of the biggest cybersecurity events, many research team comes here and show their projects.

IBM X-Force Red is one of the mentionable team which brings new and interesting projects on the event of Black Hat USA 2018.

“Black Hat is all about security professionals sharing knowledge, working together and seeing some of the awesome stuff going on in the industry, all while at the same time having fun and making new friends.” Said Ivan Reedman, the global hardware security lead at IBM X-Force Red.

It also a good chance to meet security professionals and a team member from expert teams. As you can also meet the team member of IBM X-Force Red.

All teams will get a chance to present their researches on briefings that will go on from August 8 to August 9.

In this year’s Black Hat USA 2018 event there are lots of things will be awaiting from IBM X-Force Red.

Like “Outsmarting the Smart City” which will discuss the security of smart cities. They will discuss how we can build the security of a smart city.

However, to join into Black Hat USA 2018 event you have to get registered with the email address. When you will reach the actual event, you will need the email to get access.

There will be lots more waiting for attendees in the Black Hat 2018. Along with security staff, they will have day Marchand store, bookstore, rapier rooms, child care and mothers room for attendees.

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