Bethesda Announced that Fallout 76 Will Get Some New Unique Features

Bethesda Announced that Fallout 76 Will Get Some New Unique Features

The new Bethesda game Fallout 76 will get the whole set of new features. Bethesda has announced the few features and options of Fallout 76 in QuakeCon 2018 on this Sunday. In the event, they had displayed all about the upcoming features with great detail.

Fallout 76 is waiting for release on 14 November of this year and hype are increasing. In this new installment of the Fallout 76, we will experience the online gaming. It means you can roam the full wasteland and fight with mutants.

Also, all of the characters of the game will be the real human.

All are happening for the first time on Fallout.

The game will be played in West Virginia wasteland. On the land where we will find several mutated creatures are roaming randomly. As a player, we will take the role of first vault dwellers who put themselves in the nuclear wasteland of year 2076!

They also revealed other interesting functions also on the QuakeCon 2018 panel with game director Todd Howard, development director Chris Mayer and others.

Among the features, you can share special perks with other players. Bethesda has released a special video teaching how to gain special perks on Fallout 76.

In Fallout 76, there will be photo mode with complete filters. It was announced at the character customization process section on QuakeCon. Players can use this feature even in the wasteland.

The photo mode can take your vault ID badge, tools which are used to picking your pose and expression. It will also have advanced camera tools like zoom, focus, filter, and others.

Also, the PVP(Player vs. Player) will look more like a bar fight. As they said in the E3 event that, when you will shoot another player they will get partial physical damage. Remember they won’t get full physical damage.

“It’s like slapping somebody in a bar,” said Howard. Also, he added that it’s like inviting another player to engage with this death fight.

Another strange feature of Fallout 76 is, when you kill someone who doesn’t want to fight with you, you will become a wanted criminal.

Howard says that the player will be able to space from the station when someone is trying to kill them. But still, the other player can kill the escaping player. According to Howard, Bethesda added this for a dramatic situation where the killing player will become a wanted criminal.

In another feature, you will leave the junk when you die. But still, you will keep everything else than the junk.

The Fallout 76 also featuring the blueprint system. Guess, you have to build a beautiful base with lots of detail and that gets destroyed by built-in game nukes. That would be so heartbreaking.

So, the blueprint helps you to replace the destroyed camp within a second. Just you have to take the blueprint of your created camp. So, if it gets destroyed, you can recover it quickly at the same position.

However, there are lots of features that are really interesting in Fallout 76. The game is waiting for release on November 14. But you will get a beta version in the upcoming October.

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