Barcelona Proves Their Superior over Tottenham with Two Late Goals

Barcelona Proves Their Superior over Tottenham with Two Late Goals

After scoring two goals in between tow munites lets Tottenham Hotspur FC get penalty shootout against Spain giant Barcelona. But mightily Spain against Barcelona grabs their win with 5-3 panty formations in International Champions Cup at Rose Bowl.

However, it was just after the Russia World Cup and many starters are not available on both sides. But, Arthur from Barcelona turns the game to them.

Firstly, Arthur takes a terrific shot from the outside of the d-box and make a corner. After that, new camera Malcolm Brazilian player takes the spot kick and make one goal for them.

After missing several changes, Barcelona opens the scoresheet with goal scoring shot at the 15th minute. Sergi Roberto crossed the ball to Rafinha. Then Farinha headed the pass to Munir around the face of the goal bar.

Munir was unmarked and in a good position to shoot the ball into goal bar. He strikes the ball and forwards it into the net.

The win-win game of Barcelona turned up into great climax when Tottenham scores two goals in between tow munies.

When Barcelona facing problem clearing pass of Ben Davies’s cross, Son Heung-Min got the ball and shoot it at the corner of the D-box. After several tries are the strong defense of Barcelona fell off and turns into a goal.

After that Tottenham scores directly from the kickoff. The shoot was blocked around the goal line, but eventually, Georges-KevinN’Koudou was in the correct position and scores the goal.

In the breathtaking penalty shootout, both teams were going fine until kick of Georgiou’s gets saved. And lastly, Tottenham lost by the 5-3 formation in the penalty.

However, it was a spectacular match to enjoy and there was a significant number of attendees at the stadium.

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