Baby Keita Reveals the Real Story of The Relationship with Salah, Fermion, Mane

Baby Keita Reveals the Real Story of The Relationship with Salah, Fermion, Mane

The new signing of Liverpool is now operating the real story behind the relationship with Salah Fermion and Mane. As they are the owner of around 91 goals in the last season.

Salah got this Premier League golden boot with his 32 premier league goals and ten assists. It was at his debut at Anfield. So, the Liverpool has a really strong forward lineup on this season.

As a newcomer midlifer, Keita is built a strong relationship between his forward three. The big forward three of Liverpool has a really establishing bond with each other. Keita is exploring those and building themselves for upcoming matches.

Keita said, “Over the course of pre-season we’ve all done a lot of work, I think we’re all at a good level of preparation” According to Liverpool official website.

He also added that it was not that hard for him to get a good relationship with the other three forward.

Wait, we should only mention the forward line, the whole team of Liverpool is really friendly for any newcomers who have recently joined the team.

“Obviously we’ve done work together as a unit, but it’s not been difficult either with the rest of the team,” said Keita.

They are working hard to pass the initial challenge on this Sunday’s league match.

On the big three forward lining Keita thinks “The three forwards, obviously, they’ve got experience together and they’re all very fast players”.

Here Keita knows about his role in this team. He said the main goal is to support and help the forward lineup so they work perfectly. Even if needed, Keita has to also join them.

However, Liverpool will surely try to overcome the weak points of last season. As you can see they have lost at the Champions League final at the final with Real Madrid.

The Liverpool staffs are very hopeful about this year’s signing. According to Sutton “I think Alisson will be a big player for Liverpool” that he said on BBC Radio 5 Live.

So, we have to see if Liverpool can pull out their luck and perform as we are expecting.

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