All about Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Racing Event in SpaceX Headquarter

All about Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Racing Event in SpaceX Headquarter

Recently all of the engineering students and futuristic transportation speed lover has gathered in SpaceX Headquarter. Although there was blessing sun shining out, all of them gathered at Hawthorne, Calif.

They have joined the event to see really speedy hyper loops pods going into the tunnel. For another reason, they were also enjoying the event to celebrate the achievements of Elon Musk over the specific project.

SpaceX where the organizer of this Hyperloop race. More than 20 engineering student’s group has joined to this massive race. Those teams had to race right the three quarter kilo mile long Hyperloop tube.

However it was not only about racing, it was also a fantastic chance to get around SpaceX headquarter and discover Elon Musk wonder. From sitting on Model 3 car to getting into Dragon Capsule there is a lot to experience.

As extra offerings, students can get a chance to buy some Falcon Heavy T-shirt, stickers of SpaceX Hyperloop and a spectacular poster of Tesla Roadster-driving ‘Starman’.

It wasn’t quite a good month for Elon musk as they struggle on Model 3 sedan production causing an investor to worry about the future of the Tesla Motors. After all of those, they still on target to earn a profit at the end of this year.

After all those conflicting subject, now Elon Musk is organizing an event for all engineering students. It’s time to get involved and innovate. There were lots of things to chill out, like ping-pong, Jenga game and some store selling interesting stuff.

Elon Musk on the Hyperloop Competition

Crossing the Hyperloop teams, Elon Musk appeared with his girlfriend, 5 sons and a bunch of bodyguards.

He inspected some prototype and tells some physics jock and laugh at himself.

Later he tells to the engineering students that, “There are so many things in the world that cause people to be depressed about the future, or pessimistic”.

I think one of the things that you’re doing is making people excited about the future. Those things are rare. It actually energizes me about the future. – Elon Musk

All of the attention was on the face of Hyperloop tube to watch their team compete taught the tube.

But the tube was vacuum sealed and didn’t reflect any light. So, a camera was set inside to watch a live stream of the race.


The weather was sunny and everyone was quite happy to participate it SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition.

Many of the team are working on the project for more than a year and some come from a thousand miles away just participate in the race.

Finally, three teams qualified for the actual round, WARR Hyperloop from Germany, Delft University from the Netherlands, and EPFLoop from Switzerland.

A team from Delft University has won several Hyperloop completions and had high expectations. But they can’t get over it.

Finally, WARR Hyperloop from Germany get the trophy and winds the Hyperloop competition.

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