Actor Lorenzo Lamas Filed Divorce from His Fifth Wife Shawna Craig

Actor Lorenzo Lamas Filed Divorce from His Fifth Wife Shawna Craig

The actor Lorenzo Lamas has signed divorce from his fifth wife, Shawna Craig. They were good with marriage relation with 7 years. But eventually, everything has got to its end. The date of divorce was June 29, 2018.

They were met in 2011 at Cobo San Lucas, Mexico. And they got married after 3 months of dating.

According to Fox News Lorenzo has said: “Oh, I would love to, but I have a girlfriend” and then Craig said “So it was kind of an awkward transition. I thought we could be friends.”.

After within a week, they fell in love. Craig has also said that she has to meet Lorenzo throughout a friend. That friend also asked her to join with Lorenzo Lamas.

To convince Craig, Lorenzo has said “I actually broke up with her because it wasn’t a serious relationship. I wanted to be honest with you and start things off properly with you. That’s all buttoned up now and I would like to take you out.”.

Then Lorenzo showed the ring and proposed Craig Shawna. Initially, it was no, but later they got married in Mexico.

But the past of Lorenzo has not trigged Craig to think twice.

According to Fox News, Craig has said “No, it didn’t make me question anything because he’s such an honest, good person and my best friend, first and foremost,”

Lately, she added “It did bother me. I just felt like he had spent all of his time, energy, and resources on these people who I didn’t really feel had his best interest at heart and didn’t love him as much as I love him unconditionally”.

Staying with Lorenzo who have faced financial crises his hard. Craig also said that she always struggled with it.

However, they got divorced and it’s the fifth time for Actor Lorenzo Lamas.

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