A Brush Fire has occurred at Santa Clarita burning Other Structures

A Brush Fire has occurred at Santa Clarita burning Other Structures

At the Monday afternoon, a brush fire occurred. Then it gets forwarded towards the homes at the residential complex. Actually, the fire was started in 20900 Via Estrella just after 4 PM.

Once the fire occurs, it runs into uphill and burning multiple structures.

Lastly, one building got into the fire and creates so many black smokes in the air. The fire caused dust exposure in the surrounding area.

The Sheriffs deputies are trying their best to get under control at least one unit of the fire. To stop the fire, officials have sent the helicopter with water to spread them on the building. And the firefighters are fighting with the fire with hoses.

According to the city website of Santa Claria, the fire was created between Newhall Avenue and Dockweiler Drive.

The officials have stated that people can evacuate to Golden Valley High School at 2701 Robert C. Lee Parkway.

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Surrounding roads are closed due to the fire incident as New Hall Avenue is closed between Sierra Highway and Railroad Avenue.  Also, Dockweiler Driver is currently closed at Sierra Highway. People can use Golden Valley Road as an alternative option.


As the fire goes uphill, firefighter trying to control the fire so that it won’t damage other residents.

Around 6 PM the fire starts getting weaker. big flames are stopped showing their visibility. And it shows that firefighter has a quite hard work to take control of this blazing flame. Authorities have said their quick responses have made the incident easier to control.

However, California has got more of the wildfire right now. There are so many wildfires are active that, together they have destroyed around 200,000 and more acres of land.

According to Shirley Miller, another patrol unit of this regions are working together to assist public safety and other things.

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